Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Japanese Short haircuts for Women

Japanese Short haircuts for Women, At first, part the hair ear to ear and take a very low ponytail of the back hair Pm-up the ponytail from sides and spray japanese short haircuts Then take an additional bun. 

twist the end of the ponytail inside or outside, tight it and fit japanese short haircuts for women a net over it. Then take a proper puff of the front hair and pin it up. Roll the pin-up according to the growth of the hair or overlap them over the bun and pin them up. Then spray it and do finishing. japanese short haircuts women matching broach to it. Part the hair ear to ear and make ponytail of the back hair on the crown area. Pin-up the front hair befitting to the face and put it with the ponytail. 

Then collect all the hair, roll it inwards, pin it up narrow from below and make a bun japanese short haircuts women the bun-hair side ways, pin it up and spray it for finishing. Attach a matching broach to it. Part the hair ear to ear and make a ponytail of the back hair over the crown area. Pin-up the front hair properly and put it together with the ponytail. Then pin-up the ponytail below.

japanese short haircuts pony-hair as it shapes narrow upside and downside, make a bun and pin it up. Spread the bun-hair side ways, pin up spray it for finishing japanese short haircuts for women 2012 Attach a matching broach.

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