Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Top Wedding Make up

Top Wedding Make up, Clean the face befitting the skin type skin softener skin neutralizer or a moisturizer There are no skin problems on the face, so there is no need to cover them top wedding makeup full coverage the entire face. 

Spread it with a wet sponge and make the skin tone even. top wedding makeup cutting on the nose, below the blusher point and the jaw-line part with the concealer Do the polishing with  dab with a piece of muslin cloth silver points contouring with the purple eyeshadow inner corners of the eyes and with the black 

eyes contouring with the silver eyeshadow on the eyeballs silver highlighter part below mascara black gel eyeliner the eyeliner below the eyes and smudge it with a smudged primer volume mascara pink blusher black mascara red lipstick the silver lip-gloss 

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