Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Short haircuts 2012

Short haircuts 2012, ponytail roll  left side and pin it up In the some way, take the hair on the left side of the ponytail, short haircuts 2012 set it on the right side. In this way, set the rolls in cross according to the growth of the hair. 

As one out-roll has been set over the pony, set an in-roll below. Spray-finish the hair attach a matching broach to it. Part the hair ear to ear and pin-up all the back-hair taking it on one side. Back-comb and spray the pinned-up hair. short haircuts French roll of the sprayed hair Make a puff of the front hair and pin-up the extra hair on the side of the French roll. Attach a matching broach on one side of the French roll. Part the hair ear to ear Divide the and parts. short haircuts back-hair in art. 

Set it the braid or twist of the round and pin it up. Wrap the net on it and fit it with forks Back-comb the  part of the hair. Comb the hair, overlap it on the net and pin it up. Then twist the remaining hair and pin it up. Pin-up the front hair properly. short haircuts in-roll or fmger roll of the extra remaining hair of the pin-up and set it on the French roll Attach a matching broach on one side of the bun

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