Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Short haircuts for Round Faces

Short haircuts for Round Faces, hair ear to ear take the entire back-hair on one side and pin it up twist that hair, make a French roll of it and pin-up the remaining hair below roll short haircuts for round faces hair into three to four parts of the hair below and make out-rolls it Then pin-up the front hair properly and overlap the remaining hair on the side of the French roll and pin it up. Attach a matching broach to it. 
New Short haircuts 2012
Round Faces Short haircuts 2012

Part the hair ear to ear. short haircuts round faces some hair of the crown area, twist it and set it in a circle. Pin-up the front hair properly and put together the remaining hair with the tiny bun. short haircuts for round  back hair into two parts. Back-comb the hair of one side and overlap it on the twist. short haircuts back-comb the hair of the other side and overlap it. If the hair is more, make one or two rolls and attach a matching broach to it

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