Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Short haircuts for Wedding Day

Short haircuts for Wedding Day, Part the hair ear to ear Make a ponytail by taking half of the hair from the back-hair in a round. short haircuts for wedding day string along the braid and fit it with the ponytail and knit the braid. 

Pin-up the front hair in the matching to the face. Set the remaining hair of the pin-up around the ponytail. Divide the lower back-hair in two parts. short haircuts wedding  the left side hair after back-combing it and overlap the right side hair. Then pin it up fresh flowers rtificial matching broach can be attached round or along the length of the braid. Part the hair ear to ear. Make ponytail of the entire lot of the back-hair.

short haircuts for wedding funky look braid with a black string to the ponytail set remaining hair of the ponytail around the braid. Pin-up the front hair and set around the braid additional funky look, set an additional funky look frill upon the pin-up short haircuts for wedding 2012

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