Kamis, 16 Februari 2012

Short haircuts Gallery 2012

Short haircuts Gallery 2012, Granules the color of hair depends number, size distribution  the pigment granules cortex the nature of pigment present short haircuts gallery bleaches  

The innermost layer is the medulla very fine hair Curly hair has a flattened cross-section while straight hair has a circular basic hair form is controlled  number of genes-but this hair form is readily altered  chemicals present penning and straightening lotions. short haircuts soles lips, hair is present body some areas long, thick dark-this terminal hair seen scalp, face of adult the axilla pubic region of adults some terminal hair present on the arms, legs 

hair rest of the shorts inconspicuous-this type hair is called the vellus hair which is normally supposed fine inconspicuous becomes short haircuts gallery terminal hair appears face of women in a condition called hirsutism hand sometimes terminal hair gets converted into fine vellus hair-this happens l familiar baldness seen color of your hair depends on the number size distribution of pigment granules cortex  nature of the pigment present short haircuts gallery black, blonde 

red hair are different chemically the brown black hair melanin, the blonde hair contains phaeomelanin red hair erythromclanln thought that  number of genes influence of the color the hair some of these gangs also influence other lnhcrltcd short haircuts gallery 2012

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