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Modern Bob With Long Bangs

So beautiful yet modern with a little edge.

Prom short hairstyle on makeup ideas

Prom short hairstyle on makeup ideas this hairstyle if no bangs are used then If you have a double chin it will reveal more forehead and thus will create an illusion of a longer shape which will look good the back hair longer If you have a haircut it is better to cut the hair above the chin level and grow where the sides can be pulled back strands behind your ears behind the ears This draws the attention towards the eyes it will bring a slim look to the face and give it an oval shape 

In case of To minimize the fullness a short neck Make sure that you make choose a cropped haircut that will make the neck look longer an off center part as it will divide your face unevenly which will you can wear your hair longer and pull the loose make it appear longer rather than wider There are many trendy curly haircuts that you can opt for.

2012 prom hairstyle half up half down

haircuts for round Even though this kind of hairstyle is trendy faces have to be styled in such a way in this kind for hairstyling a softly layered look can look terrific along to minimize the roundness of the to it hair that flips out at chin length face

 Basically avoid haircuts that tend to add to the fullness of the face When it comes to haircuts for round faces, short and choppy haircuts can work wonders with a center partition that will divide the face into two longer sections Short haircuts can be Avoid using bangs even here styled in a variety of ways to accentuate the round face 

Best prom haircuts for men

Best prom haircuts for men should consult a hairstylist to help you choose to a great hairstyle remains in the shape of your face the best haircuts for round faces. You can try the visual style generators to see which cute haircuts for round faces work for your face Glamorous haircuts may look great on supermodels but one of the secrets 

The best haircut for round face The way each hairstyle finally looks depends upon the shape of your face as well is the one whether your face is round in shape or oval that satisfies you personally and brings out the real it is always best to keep this in mind before you think of shaping your beautiful tresses.

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Modern Short haircuts for 2012

Modern Short haircuts for 2012, haircuts adds to the human personality haircut can done in two ways straight cut Step cut sharp scissors for hair cutting apron setting tail comb water spray bottle round and half brush paddle brush hair dryer soft brush hair 

must be freshly washed before the haircut wet all the  hair with the spray bottle and remove all the knots part the hair in thin strands according to the hair growth and pin them up after parting the lowest part  now lower the pin-ups one by one and cut it according to the previously-set gudeline don't cut the hair exactly in the measure 
New Modern Short haircuts 
Modern Short haircuts 2012

as the customer has suggested because after getting dry. the hair looks shorter than the exact measurement after cutting the hair blow it dry for the final look horizontal-cut looks more decent for straight hair while vertical-cut looks better for curly and wavy hair At first part the hair ear to ear from the middle and pin-up the partings Take some hair below the crown area in round and pin it up. Make more partings of the hair as per the growth of the hair and pin-up them

Short haircuts for Thick Hair

Short haircuts for Thick Hair, Mix two teaspoonful of the protein pack in extra sour curd and apply it in the hair Let it retain for 45 minutes Shampoo the hair. split ends means a hair ending in two splits.

such hair prevents the hair growth and makes the hair look rough Therefore, It is very important to cut the split ends this treatment can be done only in dry hair. Take a strand of hair twist it and hold it between two fingers Run your fingers along the strand till it's end. Then cut the double ends with the scissors or burn it with a live candle. To avoid tie split-ends massage the hair with warm oil. 

Get the hair trimmed at regular intervals. Besides this. hair conditioning is advised. For hair. conditioning mehandi hair-food or cream-conditioner (a product of some reputed company) is to be used. dry hair should never be given a wash. mehandi is an ancient herb. Man has used it for ages. The ancient Egyptian women used is. It is also called herbal dye. Women are always worried about their greying hair as such hair makes them look older the growth of grey hair cannot be prevented by picking It out. 

The white hair cannot be turned black in a natural way The only remedy to change the color is mehandi mehandi is the best way of conditioning colouring and nutritioning the hair. It makes the hair shine. It makes the hair smooth and soft. If mehandi is to be applied in the hair do It in dry hair and if at all conditioner is to be used. do it In oily hair. 

Women Short haircuts for 2012

Women Short haircuts for 2012, Do the clockwise and anti clock. wise massage on the shoulders fingers wide open like the butterfly wings and massage on the back.

 Do the vibration massage on the back keep on combing the hair for a longer time. clean the hair with shampoo. Then go for the hair treatment. Apply warm herbal oil all over the scalp in the parting of the hair with cotton. massage for 20 to 25 minutes accords to the steps of the oil massage. allow the Ozone steam for 5 to 7 minutes after the massage Give high Frequency current with the comb-electrode for 5 to 7 minutes in the wet hair. 

Mix the protein pack in the curd and apply it. retain it in the hair for 45 minutes. Then wash out the pack. this treatment can be done at the interval of 10 to 15 days. wash the hair. Mix anti dandruff lotion in the herbal oil. Apply it in the partings with cotton. massage according to the oil massage steps for 10 to 15 minutes. Allow the Ozone steam for 5 to 7 minutes. Allow strong higt frequency current In wet hair for 7 to 10 minutes.

2012 Short haircuts

2012 Short haircuts, and  wash it off after retaining it for 40 to 45 minutes For one hour, mix and keep soaking 100 grams of Amla powders 100 grams of mehandi 2 tea spoonful of coffee half a cup of curd, 4 to 5 drops of lemon juice and

yolk of one egg Apply mehandi following the method suggested above and after retaining it for 40 to 45 minutes wash it off for some time keep soaking half a cup of curd. Half a cup of amla powder, 2 eggs and 2 to 4 drops of lemon juice In half a cup of mehandi Apply mehandi as suggested previously retain it for 30 to 40 minutes and then wash it off hair food makes the hair shining. 

Silky colorful and healthy It removes scalp-problems and discases of hair. It also functions as conditioning for the hair. It prevents the falling of hair and functions as deep cleansing in scalp. For hair food. Mix In curd the powder of long-plum soap berry sandal, indian pennywort eclipta fenugreek seeds. Bitter neem leaves, rose-petals. 

orange-peel jasmine flower and the juice of gourd. two teaspoonful of mehandi powder can also be mixed in this This mixture is to be kept soaking for 2 to 3 hours before using following the method mentioned previously retain the hair food for 45 minutes in the hair Then wash the hair with plain water. 

after the hair is dry do the oil massage in hare wash the hair with the shampoo the next day the herbs in hair food turn more effective if the hair food is kept soaking for the said time. It is also called protean pack.

New haircuts Color Fashion 2012

New haircuts Color Fashion 2012, put the hair ear to ear take a thin strand of hair from the crown area.

apply mehandi on its twist It into a tiny bun then take a thin strand from the rear. Apply mehandi on it and go on setting one after another into buns in the opposit irection follow the same same pattern for the front hair too.

 retain the mehandi in hhairt: for one hour. Make it a point that only white hair turns into red and never all the hair. Hair mehandi is used for condi tioning never use black   mehandi for the hair  mehandi because it has chemicals. in hair mehandi powders mix boiled water of tea or coffee and soak it in plain water. mehandi is cool by nature so it is applied on palms and hands and In the hair to cool down the body temperature don't apply the mehandi in the hair of children as far as possible Those who have chronic cold are advised not to retain mehandi in the hair for a long tame. 

After applying the mehandi such persons are supposed to take some hot drink like tea, coffee etc. for two hours. keep soaking two teaspoonful of coffee yolk of one egg and one tea. spoonful of curd. Then apply mehandi following the method mentioned above

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Latest Women Hair Care

Latest Women Hair Care, Hair is made of protein known as Carotene The hair is divided into three layers Cuticle cortex and  medulla the exterior layer of hair is known as cuticle It gives protection and shining to the hair cortex is the middle layer. 

It is the most important layer where certain chemical changes take place. The substance. melanin in it gives color to the hair. medulla is the innermost layer of the hair It carries nutrients to the cuticle and the cortex Normal hair oily Hair Dry hair white hair falling of hair dandruff leuco derma worry tension and convulsion scalp infection hormonal 

disturbance malnutrition deficiency of vita mins and minerals side-effects of medicines Improper treatment of hair overuse of harsh shampoo Use of dirty or used towels, pillow-covers combs and brush massage is important for strong and healthy hair massage boosts up the

Hair Care for Bollywood Actresses

Hair Care for Bollywood Actresses, blood circulation of the head and prevents falling of hair It gives nutrition to the hair roots hair looks clean and shiny removed oil massage. 

Regular hair massage makes hair shining healthy and thick, oill massage also brings mental peace. Massage with all the fingers Do the clockwise and anti-clock wise massage with the thumbs and fingers allow pressure on the head and release it. This process is to be repeated for 8 to 10 time part the hair here and there and do the pinching massage. 

put both the palms together and do the tapping massage. part the hair in strands. twist them around the fingers and pull them lightly Do the crises-cross massage with the thumbs. hold hands in the vertical position and do the tapping with fingers.

 do the clockwise and anti-clock wise massage on the occipital bone behind ears. run fingers through the hair and rub on the scalp with the palms.

Party Hair Color for Women

Party Hair Color for Women Cheek whether the hair is properly washed or not before doing the hair color then part the hair ear to ear and make two parts of the back hair then apply the color in about inch areai one part massage the color

 with fingers while applying it in the same way take thin sections of the hair and apply the color all through the hair this is how the first application is done then soon go for  the second application for the same  inch part of the lower hair do it with retain the color for 35 to 40 minutes and then wash the hair use the special hair wash shampoo and conditioner only after the color is completely removed from hair for full hair color, fashion-shade take developer for the application The color.

process of making the natural hair color lighter is called highlights hair this light-color is done in different ways highlights can be done with honey, blonde almond copper cinnamon red magenta red copper red. Ash blonde silver blondes platinum blonde gray iceberg milky pearly blonde etc color Red highlights is done with developer Blonde highlights are done with developer. 

highlights can be done with different it is done sparing 0.5 to 10 inch highlights depend more on skin color aluminium foil is  used for highlights With the help of the aluminium  foil heat is created and it develops color hair is tightly wrapped in aluminium foil so that the outside air does not get in and affect it The developing time of highlights is highlights is done by slicing technique and weaving technique 

Base for Women Hair Color 2012

Base for Women Hair Color 2012, hair smooth and since it is in the cream form it spreads easily in the hair color, another chief agent with tube is developer. It has hydrogen + oxygen in it. It is available in different quantities i.e in this developer, the oxygen potentiality is subsequently It helps making the

  • Color light 
  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Darkest Brown
  • Brown
  • Light Brows
  • Dark Blonde
  • Blonde
  • Light Blonde
  • Very light Blonde
  • Very very light blonde

Global color means color all the hair fully Global color is done for white hair or for lightening or darkening the natural color of hair The global color call be done in the matching with the natural color or a little lighter than that. The global color depends on the skin-tone and the growth of white hair for the global color  volume developer is used.

Hair Color for Women

Hair Color for Women, The color of hair is natural to make hair look natural for ever, researchers have experimented and found out professional colors with the help of technology hair color adds to the personality. 

Hair color is done taking into consideration the person's profession. hair quality skin type and appearance. Hair color helps to do lightening in the hair the lightening is done in two ways natural lightening and artificial lightening Natural lightening is done by exposing hair to sunrays it takes 6 months to 5 years, but it damages the hair.

artificial lightening is done by ammonia. It opens the hair-cuticles and the oxygen in the developer lighten the hair the color in the tube colors the cortex which has turned pigment light It could be dearly visible. This color is permanent.  Blue, red and yellow are primary
colors. With their help, secondary colors can be developed. Ash violet red, gold, copper, mahogany, green, chestnut, etc., are secondry colors. There are base colors and color reflect color-pigment in the color tube with its help hair can be colored as required.

This is professional color range there are many shades in It chemicals like ammonia neutriciride antioxidants hydrogen and buffer are used in the hair color tube. Ammonia is an alkaline agent. It opens the cuticles and gives color to the hair color tube is cream-based. It makes

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Girls Hair After Straightening

Girls Hair After Straightening, After doing the towel-dry apply the straightening product. Then blow-dry the hair. Don't wash the hair for two days Don't place the hair behind ears and don't tie It with rubber bands either. 

take care that the straightening cream does not touch the scalp. because it has harmful side-effects retain the straightening cream to the hair till the time period suggested on the straightening products box Don't over-process it.

 take help of an experienced and expert beautician for the straightening Use the straightening product of a reputed company Comb and maintain the hair according to the instruction by a beautician.

after the straightening use the straightening shampoo and conditioner for the regular wash. 

Women Hair Straightening Cream

Women Hair Straightening Cream, Use the straightening cream according to the instructions on the straightening cream product of your choice. Then wash the hair Take care not to pull the hair See that the straightening cream is thoroughly washed out of the hair. 

Towel-dry the hair after the wash Then blow-dry the hair with the drier and the paddle brush. take thin sections of the hair and do ironing. The ironing should be done properly After the ironing, apply the neutralizer in the same way as the straightening cream has been applied, and retain it for the time as instructed on the product. 

 Wash out the neutralizer with water. Then wash it with the straightening control mask. This mask helps control straightening, makes it long lasting and allows extra halt to the straightening

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Girls Hair for Method Straightening

Girls Hair for Method Straightening, Wash the hair with the clarifying shampoo before straightening Don't use the conditioner dry the hair with the napkin. 

If the hair is more curly, blow-dry thin hair with the paddle brush or do the light ironing with the ironing machine. Part the hair ear to ear in the front and do two partings from the crown area at the back.  

If the hair is dry, damaged or chemically processed, apply a protective product before applying the straightening cream. Take thin sections from the neck area and apply the straightening cream. Set the hair properly on the straightening board after applying the straightening creams.

Materials Women Hair Straightening

Materials Women Hair Straightening, Take care that perming lotion does not reach the scalp It is very important to use the protective shampoo and the conditioner. retain the rolls in the hair till the time suggested on the perming lotion product.

 If the rolls are kept longer, hair is supposed to get damaged because of the over-process. Straightening is the method to make the naturally wavy hair straight temporary straightening and permanent straightening . Temporary straightening is also called ironing It retains till one wash. In the permanent straightening the newly growing hair keeps up their original growth. 

There are three bonds in hair. For the Permanent Straightening, all these three bonds, are to be broken. For breaking these bonds, the chemical -thioglycolic acid is used. This chemical is kept in a straightening tube. For the straightening, cream and neutralizer are used. 

straightening cream and neutralizer plastic bowl  Brush straightening board  Ironing machine Ceramic Iron Gloves paddle brush dryer Apron

Girls Hair Perming Rollers 2012

Girls Hair Perming Rollers 2012, Set the roll according to the instruction on the lotion that you use. Take off the shower cap and check one roll If the waves are found as per your expectation unfold the rolls. If the expected waves are not found, keep the rolls In the hood dryer for some more time. 

Clean off the lotion with water without unfolding the rolls and dry the hair with the napkin and the tissue Paper. Hold each of the rolls in hand and apply neutralizer on it. Retain the neutralizer for five to ten minutes.Neutralizer helps retain the hair waves.Wash off the neutralizer with water without unfolding the rolls.

 Then wipe out the rolls with a napkin Take off the rolls one by one properly. Then wash out the hair with water again. 

Wipe out the hair with the napkin lightly. Don't comb through the hair. Finally apply the wet-look gel or the mousse Don't shampoo the hair till two days after the terming.