Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Short haircuts for Indian Women

Short haircuts for Indian Women, Part the hair ear to ear make ponytail of the back-hair in the crown area Pin-up the ponytail from either side and spray it. 

front hair and set it around the ponytail. short haircuts for indian women the ponytail and pin it up in the way that it keeps out inches. Back-comb the part of the remaining hair and overlap it. short haircuts for indian  together with the remaining inch hair. Hard-spray the extra hair, back-comb it and lend it a funky look. For more funky look, once more back-comb the hair and hard-spray it. Attach a matching broach to it. Hairspray the hair. Then part the hair ear to ear. short haircuts for women as boy-cut hair in the back-hair. 

Then outcurl it with a hot rod thus, outcry the entire lot of the hair pin-up the front hair Outcurl the remaining hair spray then attach a matching broach short haircuts crimping, spiral roll, network ironing, are loose haircuts in each style a matching broach adds to the beauty short haircuts for indian women

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