Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Step Short Haircut for Girls

Step Short Haircut for Girls, Part the hair properly cut the hair in the middle at 0 Bring the front hair back, give it straight-cut and point-cut the hair. Keep its length up to the neckline. This length can be made short or long as required. If the length goes down the shoulders, it won't lend the blunt effect. Step Haircut is a vertical-cut. At first pin-up the hair in 6 partings. Cut the hairline in the 'U' uppercut or in the deep U shape-cut. 

Then take down the parting No. 6. Take the guideline of the hairline and cut at at 45 in the same way; take down the parting No. 5 and cut it at 45 Then take down partings - 4 and 3 and cut them at 90 

If 4 to 5 steps are to be done, cut the partings - 4 and 3 at 120 Now from the front, cut the hair at the level of eyebrows. nose, lips, chin or chest in layers at 45

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