Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Party Hair Color for Women

Party Hair Color for Women Cheek whether the hair is properly washed or not before doing the hair color then part the hair ear to ear and make two parts of the back hair then apply the color in about inch areai one part massage the color

 with fingers while applying it in the same way take thin sections of the hair and apply the color all through the hair this is how the first application is done then soon go for  the second application for the same  inch part of the lower hair do it with retain the color for 35 to 40 minutes and then wash the hair use the special hair wash shampoo and conditioner only after the color is completely removed from hair for full hair color, fashion-shade take developer for the application The color.

process of making the natural hair color lighter is called highlights hair this light-color is done in different ways highlights can be done with honey, blonde almond copper cinnamon red magenta red copper red. Ash blonde silver blondes platinum blonde gray iceberg milky pearly blonde etc color Red highlights is done with developer Blonde highlights are done with developer. 

highlights can be done with different it is done sparing 0.5 to 10 inch highlights depend more on skin color aluminium foil is  used for highlights With the help of the aluminium  foil heat is created and it develops color hair is tightly wrapped in aluminium foil so that the outside air does not get in and affect it The developing time of highlights is highlights is done by slicing technique and weaving technique 

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