Minggu, 15 Januari 2012

New haircuts Color Fashion 2012

New haircuts Color Fashion 2012, put the hair ear to ear take a thin strand of hair from the crown area.

apply mehandi on its twist It into a tiny bun then take a thin strand from the rear. Apply mehandi on it and go on setting one after another into buns in the opposit irection follow the same same pattern for the front hair too.

 retain the mehandi in hhairt: for one hour. Make it a point that only white hair turns into red and never all the hair. Hair mehandi is used for condi tioning never use black   mehandi for the hair  mehandi because it has chemicals. in hair mehandi powders mix boiled water of tea or coffee and soak it in plain water. mehandi is cool by nature so it is applied on palms and hands and In the hair to cool down the body temperature don't apply the mehandi in the hair of children as far as possible Those who have chronic cold are advised not to retain mehandi in the hair for a long tame. 

After applying the mehandi such persons are supposed to take some hot drink like tea, coffee etc. for two hours. keep soaking two teaspoonful of coffee yolk of one egg and one tea. spoonful of curd. Then apply mehandi following the method mentioned above

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