Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

Girls Hair Perming Rollers 2012

Girls Hair Perming Rollers 2012, Set the roll according to the instruction on the lotion that you use. Take off the shower cap and check one roll If the waves are found as per your expectation unfold the rolls. If the expected waves are not found, keep the rolls In the hood dryer for some more time. 

Clean off the lotion with water without unfolding the rolls and dry the hair with the napkin and the tissue Paper. Hold each of the rolls in hand and apply neutralizer on it. Retain the neutralizer for five to ten minutes.Neutralizer helps retain the hair waves.Wash off the neutralizer with water without unfolding the rolls.

 Then wipe out the rolls with a napkin Take off the rolls one by one properly. Then wash out the hair with water again. 

Wipe out the hair with the napkin lightly. Don't comb through the hair. Finally apply the wet-look gel or the mousse Don't shampoo the hair till two days after the terming.

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