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Materials Women Hair Straightening

Materials Women Hair Straightening, Take care that perming lotion does not reach the scalp It is very important to use the protective shampoo and the conditioner. retain the rolls in the hair till the time suggested on the perming lotion product.

 If the rolls are kept longer, hair is supposed to get damaged because of the over-process. Straightening is the method to make the naturally wavy hair straight temporary straightening and permanent straightening . Temporary straightening is also called ironing It retains till one wash. In the permanent straightening the newly growing hair keeps up their original growth. 

There are three bonds in hair. For the Permanent Straightening, all these three bonds, are to be broken. For breaking these bonds, the chemical -thioglycolic acid is used. This chemical is kept in a straightening tube. For the straightening, cream and neutralizer are used. 

straightening cream and neutralizer plastic bowl  Brush straightening board  Ironing machine Ceramic Iron Gloves paddle brush dryer Apron

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