Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

Girls Perming Hair

Girls Perming Hair, Wash the hair with shampoo and get it dried thoroughly mix the chemicals for the hair dye as has been instructed on the hair dye packet. Part the hair in thin strands and apply the dye. Take care that the dye does not get on to the skin. If there is a stain on the skin wipe it off with the dye removed. retain the dye in the hair for the specific time as is suggested on the dye packet.

 Then wash it out and use the onditioner. It is very much required to use conditioner after washing out the dye. especially for the regular users. don't mix dye in any metal container pot hair must not be sticky. It must be dry   if it is liquid dye, cork the bottle tightly and keep it away from direct light otherwise the dye will get oxydized and hence be useless.

  The day on which the hair dye is planned wash the hair with shampoo and don't use the condoner. use up the mixed dye soon. Don't let it keep exposed for a longer time or for future use.perming is a method of making hair curly or wavy The less growth of hair can be shown more growth by perming the hair. 

perming adds to the beauty of face and helps lend a different look to personality There should not be any coating on the hair like that of dye

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