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Short haircuts for Thick Hair

Short haircuts for Thick Hair, Mix two teaspoonful of the protein pack in extra sour curd and apply it in the hair Let it retain for 45 minutes Shampoo the hair. split ends means a hair ending in two splits.

such hair prevents the hair growth and makes the hair look rough Therefore, It is very important to cut the split ends this treatment can be done only in dry hair. Take a strand of hair twist it and hold it between two fingers Run your fingers along the strand till it's end. Then cut the double ends with the scissors or burn it with a live candle. To avoid tie split-ends massage the hair with warm oil. 

Get the hair trimmed at regular intervals. Besides this. hair conditioning is advised. For hair. conditioning mehandi hair-food or cream-conditioner (a product of some reputed company) is to be used. dry hair should never be given a wash. mehandi is an ancient herb. Man has used it for ages. The ancient Egyptian women used is. It is also called herbal dye. Women are always worried about their greying hair as such hair makes them look older the growth of grey hair cannot be prevented by picking It out. 

The white hair cannot be turned black in a natural way The only remedy to change the color is mehandi mehandi is the best way of conditioning colouring and nutritioning the hair. It makes the hair shine. It makes the hair smooth and soft. If mehandi is to be applied in the hair do It in dry hair and if at all conditioner is to be used. do it In oily hair. 

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