Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

Makeup ideas on hairstyle

There Makeup ideas on hairstyle are many haircuts for men that reduce the roundness of the face Make sure that you don't have bulging sides in a short haircut. short hairstyle adds height to the face and it appears Haircuts for round face men should include side bangs to cover part of the face to give it a more slender look. It is better to add some curls on the crown area to make the In a short haircut shorter and should be avoided the full heavy bangs make your face look 

face look elongated Round face Getting a short haircut one adds to the height of the face and not people should avoid slick-up hairdos The face looks wider than normal as there is no hair to longer than usual cut the roundness of the face the width The length of your hair should fall below the chin level The sides of your hair should not kick out else it will again provide width to the face.

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