Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Hair Care for Bollywood Actresses

Hair Care for Bollywood Actresses, blood circulation of the head and prevents falling of hair It gives nutrition to the hair roots hair looks clean and shiny removed oil massage. 

Regular hair massage makes hair shining healthy and thick, oill massage also brings mental peace. Massage with all the fingers Do the clockwise and anti-clock wise massage with the thumbs and fingers allow pressure on the head and release it. This process is to be repeated for 8 to 10 time part the hair here and there and do the pinching massage. 

put both the palms together and do the tapping massage. part the hair in strands. twist them around the fingers and pull them lightly Do the crises-cross massage with the thumbs. hold hands in the vertical position and do the tapping with fingers.

 do the clockwise and anti-clock wise massage on the occipital bone behind ears. run fingers through the hair and rub on the scalp with the palms.


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