Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Feathers Shape Haircut For Women

Feathers Shape Haircut For Women, In this cut, the hair is very short in the front and very long at the back. This cut is to be done keeping one's position in the front of the client. 

Take the hair ear to ear and cut the meddle hair up to chin level at 0 Then take thin stands of hair from sides, keep the scissorspoints downwards and make layers by point cutting Bring the back hair in the front and match it with the guideline. In an inch of lower hair-ends, allow the cut main notching or texturising scissors. The texturistng can be done with a razor, too. if short hair is required, shorten it at the eyebrows-level. at the nose-level or at the lips-level. in this cut, there is very short hair in the front and very long hair at the

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