Minggu, 15 Januari 2012

Modern Short haircuts for 2012

Modern Short haircuts for 2012, haircuts adds to the human personality haircut can done in two ways straight cut Step cut sharp scissors for hair cutting apron setting tail comb water spray bottle round and half brush paddle brush hair dryer soft brush hair 

must be freshly washed before the haircut wet all the  hair with the spray bottle and remove all the knots part the hair in thin strands according to the hair growth and pin them up after parting the lowest part  now lower the pin-ups one by one and cut it according to the previously-set gudeline don't cut the hair exactly in the measure 
New Modern Short haircuts 
Modern Short haircuts 2012

as the customer has suggested because after getting dry. the hair looks shorter than the exact measurement after cutting the hair blow it dry for the final look horizontal-cut looks more decent for straight hair while vertical-cut looks better for curly and wavy hair At first part the hair ear to ear from the middle and pin-up the partings Take some hair below the crown area in round and pin it up. Make more partings of the hair as per the growth of the hair and pin-up them

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