Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Hair Color for Women

Hair Color for Women, The color of hair is natural to make hair look natural for ever, researchers have experimented and found out professional colors with the help of technology hair color adds to the personality. 

Hair color is done taking into consideration the person's profession. hair quality skin type and appearance. Hair color helps to do lightening in the hair the lightening is done in two ways natural lightening and artificial lightening Natural lightening is done by exposing hair to sunrays it takes 6 months to 5 years, but it damages the hair.

artificial lightening is done by ammonia. It opens the hair-cuticles and the oxygen in the developer lighten the hair the color in the tube colors the cortex which has turned pigment light It could be dearly visible. This color is permanent.  Blue, red and yellow are primary
colors. With their help, secondary colors can be developed. Ash violet red, gold, copper, mahogany, green, chestnut, etc., are secondry colors. There are base colors and color reflect color-pigment in the color tube with its help hair can be colored as required.

This is professional color range there are many shades in It chemicals like ammonia neutriciride antioxidants hydrogen and buffer are used in the hair color tube. Ammonia is an alkaline agent. It opens the cuticles and gives color to the hair color tube is cream-based. It makes

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